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At the end of a long day light ideas

At the end of a long day, one of the best sights to see is your block all lit up in various colors, sparkling against the houses. There are so many variations that it’s easy to get creative if you choose to decorate your own home.

While you can draw inspiration for others, I’m sure you’re eager to have the best decorated house in the neighborhood. To go the extra mile, here’s a few holiday light ideas to wow your neighbors.

If you’re familiar with the movie “Christmas Vacation,” you may find it hard to think about holiday light displays without remembering Clark Griswold. As the movie shows, he had so many Christmas lights that he managed to cause a brief power outage in the neighborhood. Now, I’d hope that does not serve as your inspiration, but regardless, one of the first things you need to do if you’re putting any amount of lights outside is to check your outlets to make sure they are working. If they are not, contact an electrician and get them repaired before continuing.

Next, you’ll need plan where you’ll be installing your holiday lights and if it will be a DIY project. The average cost to install holiday lighting is $412. If you are setting up your holiday lights as a DIY project, you’ll only need to budget for the cost of the lights and materials. This can also vary depending on the type of lights you choose.


1. Holiday Light Projector

One of the easiest and low-maintenance ways to decorate for the holidays is with a light projector. While it still has the “wow” factor, it requires a lot less to set up. Typically, these weather-proof machines include a simple steak you can place in the ground and adjust to the right angle, so the winter scene projects onto your home. Some larger models even allow you to change the image as you please.


2. Holiday String & Net Lights

Going with the traditional look is never a bad option, especially when there are so many options available to customize your outdoor look. String and net holiday lights come in various colors and styles so you can mix and match how you’d like. However, remember to never string more than three strands of lights together.

If you have shrubs and bushes, net lights work exceptionally well and are easy to put on the plant, without damaging it. String lights are incredibly versatile and can go in almost any area of your yard or home. The key to creating a look that will impress with this traditional option is by stringing lights along areas where one may not expect such as a railing or lamp post. Currently trendy are the large, vintage style string bulbs that hang from the house in various colors.


3. Solar Holiday Lights

If you’re looking to put lights in a tree that’s just too far away from an outlet, choosing a solar power holiday light can be your answer. They come in many string varieties where a steak with the solar panel is placed in the ground nearby, to power them at night.

For other solar options, see holiday lawn décor, such as lawn stake lights that you can include along your pathway.

Perfect Farmhouse Style Bathroom Ideas

I want you to take every stereotype you have about farmhouse bathrooms and throw them out the window. A farmhouse bathroom isn’t for everyone, but I want you to decide for yourself if it’s something that appeals to you after reading through this article and viewing the abundance of mix and match styles this design has to offer.

Creating a farmhouse bathroom is an exciting project because it encourages you to mix textures, personal style and special features, without too much trouble. Learn how to construct the perfect farmhouse bathroom by familiarizing yourself with the key interior design elements.


Farmhouse Style

Start by narrowing down the style you prefer for your farmhouse bathroom. You need a foundation and overall theme to jumpstart your project before you start decorating. For example, a contemporary farmhouse bathroom will look different than a country or rustic farmhouse. No matter what way you go, remember that it’s all about the details and individual pieces coming together to tell a story.

Farmhouse chic focuses on keeping the décor elegant and simple, but also includes a punch of farmhouse flair. This bathroom is the perfect example of chic, with a white color scheme, dark flooring, a corner window, custom mirror and bathtub. It proves there’s a way to integrate a farmhouse twist for just about everyone’s taste.


Farmhouse Mirror

One of the most important features of a farmhouse bathroom is installing the right mirror. It’s something that seems like a small detail, but it’s actually very significant to getting the right look down. A long, horizontal mirror with a wood frame is just one example of how to easily incorporate a farmhouse feel.

In addition to a long, framed mirror, a round mirror with a wicker border will do the trick. Not only does it add an element of surprise, but it also serves as texture, and texture is always a good thing. Paired with the right vanity and countertop, you have a winning combination.


Farmhouse Wall Décor

Picking your farmhouse wall décor is one of the best parts of creating a farmhouse bathroom. Floating shelves, ladder shelves, wicker baskets, quirky signs, plants and unique containers will make your bathroom come alive. Although you want to decorate with lots of different kinds of pieces, you don’t want to go overboard and create clutter in your bathroom, so be careful. Make it simple and organized and it’ll be attractive.

Bathrooms ideas for pleasure home

Celebrities grab our attention because of their extravagant clothes, complicated relationships and, most notably, their stunning homes. The size of their houses and celebrity lifestyles they live are pretty remarkable.

Although most of us will never experience this lavish way of life, it’s fun to see where our favorite celebs spend their time and learn about their taste in interior design. Join me as I take you inside the bathrooms of five of the most admired celebrities of our time.


1. Sarah Jessica Parker

We all know her as the star of Sex and the City and love her for it. Sarah Jessica Parker is no stranger to the camera and celebrity scene. According to Variety, the actress and husband Matthew Broderick recently purchased two side-by-side townhouses on a prime, tree-lined block in the heart of New York City’s wildly pricey West Village, for $35 million.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s two Manhattan townhouses both feature classic brick façades and bathrooms any woman would want to own. One of their bathrooms features a large white tub with nearby floating wood shelves and a newly installed shower with glass doors.


2. Adele

Her voice is incredible and her home is gorgeous. The next celebrity palace we’ll be entering belongs to no other than the legendary, Adele. The singer shattered sales records when she released her third album, 25, so it’s not surprising she recently made a home upgrade. Adele reportedly used some of that cash to scoop up this Beverly Hills spectacle for $9.5 million.

The 6,600sf home is in one of the city’s most exclusive gated communities, Hidden Valley, and is equipped with four bedrooms, six bathrooms and two formal living rooms. The backyard provides a private space to entertain neighbors (Jennifer Lawrence and Sofia Vergara), complete with a hedge-lined pool.

Adele’s cottage-style bathroom is just as fabulous as her vocals. The master bedroom has two large closets and a bright and beautiful bath. Her sanctuary has gray beadboard walls, multi-light windows, a skylight, hardwood floors, which on average cost between $250 and $7,000 to install, a large bath and shower covered in white subway tile. All I can say is, gorgeous!

Kitchen Without Spending A Fortune

We all want a beautiful kitchen. It’s where you cook, eat and gather to mingle. There’s no denying that a full kitchen remodel is one project you need to diligently plan, prepare and save up for before you commit.

Don’t let assumptions that you can’t afford it stop you from building the kitchen of your dreams in your current space. There are plenty of tips, tricks and updates that’ll have you smiling ear to ear when you see the final outcome. Prepare yourself for sensible ideas that’ll make it possible for you to upgrade your kitchen without spending a fortune.


Mix & Match

Kitchen upgrades don’t always have to involve high-end features that all look the same. Mixing and matching materials, colors, designs and patterns will give your kitchen a brand new look without the extra money and fuss it takes to find identical styles. That’s all you have to do; think outside the box. Leather chairs mixed with fabrics, wood mixed with tile, stainless steel and different shades of paint will give your kitchen a facelift with character.


Strategically Display & Decorate

There’s so much you can do to spruce up your kitchen when you put in the effort to decorate it nicely. A few ideas that are simple and budget-friendly include adding a colorful area rug, dressing up your walls with eye-catching images and adding greenery and fresh flowers. Open shelving displays and storage around your kitchen island allow you to show off your favorite pieces and help control clutter.


Add Crown Molding

I love the idea of incorporating crown molding in your kitchen, either along the ceiling or top of your cabinets. It’s a beautiful decorative element that really boosts the overall appearance of the kitchen. It’s even a project you can DIY to add visual interest and value to your home.

Crown moldings do not always have to be white either. There are a wide variety of crown molding styles to choose from. You should feel free to mix and match depending on what looks best in each room of your home.